Weekly Musical Recommendations - 9th March

Again, if any of you have any particual album with drumming you love (or love to play along to), feel free to submit!

1. MUTEMATH - MUTEMATH - Alternative Rock

Just found out about this band this week and I’m completely in love. Darren King is an amazing drummer and just has some great grooves on this.

2. Moving Pictures - Rush - Progressive Rock

If you’ve never heard Neil Peart drum before, you really are in for a treat. From the very beginning with Tom Sawyer, this album has incredible drumming in every single track.

3. A Go Go - John Scofield - Jazz Funk/Post-Bop Jazz

If you’re really into more groove-based drumming, you should really give this album featuring Billy Martin on drums a listen. You’ll love it.

4. V: The New Mythology Suite - Symphony X - Progressive Metal

A true prog metal masterpiece, and arguably this band’s best album, Jason Rullo always finds a way to make a great drum track without drawing too much attention to himself.

5. The Color Spectrum - The Dear Hunter - Progressive Rock(and every other possible genre)

A series of 9 EP’s, each representing the 7 colors of the color spectrum (and black and white) gives this album(or rather, collection) an incredible range of drumming and music styles. Nick Crescenzo, you are amazing.

6. Mongrel - The Number Twelve Looks Like You - Mathcore/Experimental Metal

For the fans of more hardcore music. The vocals might not be for everyone, but the drumming by Jon Karel is nothing short of amazing.

7. Led Zeppelin II - Led Zeppelin - Classic Rock/Hard Rock

I’m sure John Bonham needs no introduction to the vast majority of you, but if for any reason you’re not familiar with this album or don’t start humming The Lemon Song's bass line or Heartbreaker's guitar riff, you need to get this and now. The famous Moby Dick recording is only a shadow of what Bonzo did live, but you get the idea.

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